Bradley Whitford + Joss Whedon flick = mmm

by Paul William Tenny

Eliza Dushku
There are no photos out for Cabin yet,
so I'm using the opportunity to use this
hot picture of Eliza Dushku from a
Dollhouse promo.
I don't do casting news even though it'd probably build some desperately needed traffic for this site, because, generally speaking, it's really pretty boring stuff.

This may be in my humble opinion a rare exception to the rule: Bradley Whitford is looking to sign on to star in Cabin in the Woods, a screenplay co-written by Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, Toy Story) and Drew Goddard (Buffy, Angel, Alias, Lost, Cloverfield).

Whedon is a genius and Bradley Whitford has been excellent in everything I've seen him in, from The West Wing to a guest spot in on of my favorite episodes of The X-Files.

Throw in someone like Goddard who has a spectacular cult resume and obviously has a lot of time spent working directly under Whedon, and you've got all the things in place for one of the better movies coming out next year.

It won't be a blockbuster and it probably won't win any big awards, but it'll be a damned good little movie guaranteed.

Whedon is working his butt off on Dollhouse these days and Lost has been gearing up for a new season for some time now so I'm kind of wondering what the real timing of this thing is going to be. Hollywood tends to shut writers out of feature film production by default and both these guys are pretty entrenched in their respective television series, and yet Goddard is supposedly set to direct.

If they shoot during the summer hiatus then you can expect a fair amount of involvement from Whedon and that frees up Goddard to do his thing, but if they start this spring or push it to fall, will Goddard bail on Lost and would Whedon stick with Dollhouse over his own movie?

Tough choices, but man, it's good to have tough choices like that.

Update: Shortly after I wrote this I was able to find out that the film will begin principle photography in March. If you're interested in Dollhouse, there are some video teasers/promos on YouTube and Google Video. Folks, I think it's going to be sweet.
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