Update on Cabin in the Woods

by Paul William Tenny

joss-whedon.jpgI wrote yesterday that Bradley Whitford (The West Wing) was in talks to join Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods, and now it appears that it's either a done deal, or Zap2it is just really sloppy and imprecise with their reporting and this is actually recycled news. I'm actually leaning towards the latter right now, given this:

Whedon is known for brilliant but short-lived supernatural television series: "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" lasted longer, and was followed by "Angel" and the sorely missed "Firefly." His latest, "Dollhouse," premieres tomorrow.

"Tomorrow" being today, don't get all upset if you're looking forward to seeing the next best series on television, thinking you've missed it.
Dollhouse premiers on the 13th of February -- Friday the 13th? Really, Fox? Do you hate Joss that much? -- which means there's still a full three weeks to go, which is good news for me because I asked Fox to send me a screener for the series just this morning.

A preview shall be forthcoming, should they bless me with said screener, which isn't very likely given how much the Fox publicity folks seem to disrespect and ignore bloggers.

And while I'm on the topic of Zap2it's bit of ineptitude, let me say this: their comment system stinks. Rather than placing a handful of existing comments below the article like a blog does, Zap2it hides them on a dedicated page. If you do what I did, and leave a comment via the box on the article page, only after will you be taken to the comment page where you can read the things that other people have already written. That sucks because it tends generate redundant, independent comments and thwarts conversation.

There are now four comments on this page, all correcting exactly the same error.

Things like that make me think that the site doesn't really want comments at all and is just throwing users a bone to placate them. If that's your attitude, why enable comments at all?

On another made, a middle quibble, I disagree that Joss Whedon is known for short-lived series. Buffy ran seven full seasons which is actually considered a huge success. Angel ran five which is considered a pretty significant accomplishment, virtually guaranteeing syndication. That Firefly only ran 13-16 episodes is actually normal when you consider that out of the 8+ shows that each network creates every fall, only one or two are expected to survive and sometimes none of them live to see a second season.

I hope Dollhouse goes at least five -- Joss deserves it.
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