Ratings notes for Monday and Tuesday

by Paul William Tenny

Just a quick post on ratings for this afternoon because I've got a long piece on the state of SAG's (nonexistent) negotiations with the congloms coming up later tonight or tomorrow, depending on if/when Associated Content decides to publish it. I think they'd be less inclined to pay for it if it were already published here, but since those rights are not exclusive, it'll be here regardless. There's nothing earth shattering in there, it's just a solid recap of what's been going on, what's happening right now, and what's left on the table.

As for ratings, no real surprises so far this week. Heroes was down a bit from its season premier -- about half a million last I checked -- but still a very respectable 9.5 million overall and still killing nearly every other show on Monday night in the demo (both of them, 18-35 and 18-49), even against shows nearly doubling it in total viewers.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is still skimming the gutter for Fox in the mid-five-million range and there's lots of speculation that Fox will pull it off the air before it gets even one more episode. It's getting so bad that Fox brass apparently is blaming SCC for bringing down Prison Break, SCC's lead-out. PB isn't doing so hot either, four in its timeslot and fourth in the demo for that hour, which I personally find somewhat odd since I've found this season a huge improvement over the previous two.

House is still doing its thing on Tuesday, down about two million viewers overall from last week but still very sweet in the demo. More interesting is Fringe, which ticked up by about a million.. Just to recap, the Fringe series premier got about 9 million viewers but was by itself on that particular Tuesday evening. The second episode with House as its lead-in got 13 million (on the back of House's 14 million that week), but dropped back to 9 million for 1x03 and last night closed the book with about 10. I don't know how much the series cost or what Fox's expectations were, but I think they must be disappointed to only be pulling 10 million on the back of a J. J. Abrams show, but it's still nothing to scoff at and it doesn't really matter since Fox preemptively ordered an entire season anyway.

CBS won Tuesday overall, followed by Fox, ABC, and NBC -- the last two were very close while CBS whopped Fox by nearly four million viewers. It was ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox on Monday with just a huge gap between ABC and CBS due to Dancing With The Stars scaring up 20 million couch potatos for its second half-hour.. Everybody says they hate reality shows but it's all anybody seems to watch these days.

I'll post my SAG piece ASAP.
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