Two crappy series get a full season

by Paul William Tenny

sarah-connor-chronicles.jpgWith everything that has happened to America over the last eight years I've often found myself wondering how I ended up living in a different country than the great one that I was born in, but then today happened and now I'm somewhat curious how I woke up on an entirely different planet. The Sarah Connor Chronicles went from 16 million viewers for its series premier after an NFL playoff game back in January, to averaging about 5.5 this fall (5.3 last night and still bleeding).

I can understand Fox giving it a chance to get back everything it has clearly lost (or never had to begin with) given what an investment shows like that can be, and maybe they don't have anything to fill the empty slot with if they canceled it outright.

Or maybe Summer Glau really is just that hot.

But Knight Rider? NBC's reincarnate is pulling about 7 million viewers and can't win its time slot. The average review on metacritic is 21/100 and it just looks absolutely cheezy. And yet while I'd pull Knight Rider just based on principle, at least it's beating up on SCC, right?

So how do you not cancel SCC? In what reality does Fox leave an expensive episodic drama get two seasons at 5.3 million viewers -- and still dropping -- while cult hits and critically acclaimed shows (of which SCC is neither) like Firefly don't even get one full seasons? (Probably in the world where the studio then goes and makes an even more expensive movie based on the show that only lasted 13 episodes.)

Yes, I'm biased and disgruntled. But come on, if you don't cancel an obvious failure like SCC at 5.3m viewers, when do you cancel it?
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