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Entertainment Weekly debunks its own rumor about next Batman flick

A rumor started by Entertainment Weekly has been confirmed as bullshit, by none other than the intrepid reports at Entertainment Weekly.

There is no "Book of Mormon" movie coming

Entertainment Weekly's big exclusive on a feature film version of the "Book of Mormon" play just blew up in their face.

Media sees what it wants to see

Kevin Smith losing weight is an opportunity for the media to do what it does best: write fiction.

Worst pun of the day

Variety wins the Worst Pun of the Day award.

HBO floats a show based on Nikki Finke as a *blogger*

Nikki Finke, who has professed a hatred of blogs and bristled at the notion that she's a blogger, is reportedly in talks with HBO for a series based on her -- as a blogger.

Law & Order, Heroes dead. NOW THEY'RE BACK. Dead again..

Rumors of the demise of Heroes and Law & Order (and their renewal) should be taken with a grain of salt, and there's plenty of them to go around.
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Don't believe the media lies, Conan hasn't quit. Yet.

More rumors about Leno and O'Brien (no, Conan hasn't quit yet) and what they said during their monologues last night.
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Sam Mendes on as consultant for Bond, not director

True to form, the erroneous headline I highlighted from Cinematical yesterday has already turned out to be wrong.
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MGM moving forward on next Bond, despite financial woes

MGM is reportedly negotiating with Sam Mendes to direct the next Bond flick, but they still may not have the money to move to production when the time comes.

Did Lost/ABC just rip off Battlestar Galactica?

Did Lost and ABC just steal an idea from Battlestar Galactica to tease the final season? Yep.

Sci-fi masters, or confused bloggers?

Another day, another misguided list of supposed science fiction from io9 that forgot to bring the science fiction.
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