Law & Order, Heroes dead. NOW THEY'RE BACK. Dead again..

by Paul William Tenny

HeroesThe fate of Law & Order and Heroes will be decided sometime within the next three days, perhaps even sooner. Various rumors have popped up placing both shows on the schedule, or as dead as Julias Ceaser. There's a lesson here about treating rumors as rumors instead of stretching reality to whore for page views. Saying that L&O "is a virtual lock" for renewal when it's not -- as evidenced by new rumors that a blowup between NBC brass and produced Dick Wolf has resulted in cancellation -- saps credibility, confuses readers, and makes you look like an idiot.

That doesn't bother some people, but it ought to.

Monday: NBC Entertainment President Angela Bromstad told The Hollywood Reporter that they could move Heroes from fall to spring to keep the timeslot open for other newer shows, and said not to count it out.

Wednesday: New York Magazine reported that NBC finally decided to cancel Heroes.

Thursday: said that it might get a half-season order, a 2-6 episode order (similar to what CBS did with Jericho), a TV movie, or still get cancelled -- all speculation with no sourcing, but that no decision has been made.

That's not good news for Heroes or any of these people who don't seem to have a clue what's going to happen, but are happy to pretend that they do.

The same story has played out for Law & Order, which I've heard was a virtual lock (but which I kept on my "bubble" list) because I can tell the difference between a rumor, speculation, and an actual renewal. Supposedly it was a lock due to a verbal deal in March, but then NBC "renegged" and has dumped the show, only to be in the midst of heated negotiations to bring L&O back for a final record-breaking season (21 would set the record for longest running drama) sometime later today.

Don't listen to this crap, folks, unless you hear the words "NBC has renewed Heroes/Law & Order", then it's just a pointless rumor. If you see "virtual lock", then it's BS.

Rumors about new series pickups, though, are probably safe.

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