Mel Gibson is ready to go away. Maybe.

by Paul William Tenny

The L.A. Times reported on a meeting between Mel Gibson, Leonardo DiCaprio, Graham King, and Bill Monahan in which they discussed using their collective Hollywood star power and massive wealth to satisfy their shared childhood dreams of running around, pretending to be Vikings. Maybe they can get Ryan Phillippe in there, too.

Oh, and Mel Gibson says that it'll probably be the last film he ever makes:

I saw it in my mind back when I was teenager. Seriously, it's the first movie I wanted to make. And I think it will be the last film I direct. It's the thing I have been going toward, in a way, since I was young, and I think when it's done I may be finished.

Alright, so maybe what he meant by "I may be finished" is "I may be finished directing", but one can hope, right?

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