Aaron Sorkin isn't done with you yet

by Paul William Tenny

Aaron SorkinAaron Sorkin (Sports Night, West Wing, Studio 60) may be coming back for more (AICN)

Sony has signed two writers to develop the Spider-Man spin-off Venom, fresh off a zombie flick (Cinematical)

Win lunch on the set of Stargate Universe via a charity auction (Subduction Leads to Orogeny)

Miley Cyrus busts into the weekend box office with a $30 million weekend for Hannah Montana (Media Pundit, THR)

Abraham Lincoln + Vampires = ? (Scifi Wire)

Showtime isn't happy with any of its new pilots (Variety)

Nielsen: Cable net USA had more viewers than broadcast network The CW  (AP)

Links are light on a holiday weekend, but I'd note that USA is more profitable for NBC Universal than NBC is, and I don't really think it's all that close. Maybe Bonnie Hammer should be running NBC instead of Ben Silverman.
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