Miley Cyrus movie triples expectations

by Paul William Tenny

Early success has a price
Don't ask me how, or why, or what it even means, but Disney was only expecting about $17 million for the entire three-day weekend for Hannah Montana The Movie, but the Miley Cyrus pic pretty much destroyed any chance of that when it pulled in an estimated $17 million on Friday alone.

Here I was, all set to write a story about how this flick was going to open in third or even fourth place, but the girl pulled off a minor miracle by putting Vin Diesel on the back burner one weekend after he set the record for largest April opening ever ($70 million). What I was going to say was "welcome to real life", because success with young people only lasts for as long as those fans are still young. People aren't going to go see Miley Cyrus in concert or at the movies in fifteen years just because they liked her when they were younger.

And I still believe that, this movie is still playing off her TV success and that's not going to last forever. Eventually, she's going to have to do an adult movie, and only then will we see if she's just a fad or the next rising media star.

While I'm leaning towards the former, for now anyway, congratulations to Miley for proving everybody wrong.

Monsters vs. Aliens didn't fare as well, debuting in third on Friday for $9 million, proving that DreamWorks' animation unit may be good, but they aren't automatic. Warner Brother's Observe and Report (Seth Rogen, Anna Faris) opened in fourth place to $4.75 million. I'll write about this later today, but right now I'd like to take some heat off of Kevin Smith here by saying that however realistic expections were for Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Seth Rogen isn't automatic either.

No studio, director, actor, and no movie is ever automatic.
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