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by Paul William Tenny

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I installed a plugin for Movabletype early this morning that will send you an email when somebody leaves a new comment on a page that you're interested in.

All you have to do --if it actually works, I've not tested it myself because I've been hacking away at this stuff for like three hours -- is check a box in the area of the page where you're leaving a comment yourself. If you gave the site a real email address then you should get a note confirming that you've subscribed (or not, like I said I've not tried it) and that's pretty much it.
It should give you a URL where you can manage your page subscriptions, and should be fairly easy to deal with -- this is basically a knockoff of a WordPress plugin that does exactly the same thing.

That only took about ten minutes, and then I spent another 2+ hours hacking the comment code behind-the-scenes so that it was more functional and also a lot more pretty. The "more functional" part is that the version of Movabletype that I'm running has supported "threaded" comments for a while now, where if someone says something that you want to reply to directly, you can do that and the system will keep your comment physically close to theirs. At least within reason.

My old template didn't have the code for that, even though the system supported it, but now it does. You'll see a (Reply) link at the top of every comment, and all you've got to do is click on that, and the page should scroll down to the comment form where you can write your message, and everything should just take care of itself.

And like I said, it's visually a lot cleaner than it used to be if you ask me. While I like the comment/email tracking, it is kind of pointless seeing as how few comments this site gets on average, but some pages do tend to stand out on occasion.

Hopefully when I go to "rebuild" -- this entire website is published as static HTML, because that's just how I roll -- nothing will break, and everything will be both pretty and functional, just like me.
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