NBC's 'Bionic Woman' Gets Reinforcements

by Paul William Tenny

bionic-woman.jpgWe heard news just a few days ago that NBC was dumping Glenn Morgan from Bionic Woman over "creative differences", and now Matt Ausiello from TV Guide reports that Friday Night Lights exec-producer Jason Katims has been recruited as a creative consultant. A lot of people seem to love FNL even though it doesn't show in the ratings, and Ausiello had this to say about the time that Katims will be now splitting between the two shows: "I think I speak for FNL fans when I say our brilliant little show better not suffer as a result."
I think Matt knows as well as I do that given the weakness of FNL and their own desperation for more hits, NBC would drop Friday Night Lights entirely if cannibalizing more of their staff would given Bionic Woman better odds off breaking out. It's safe to say that regardless of what they are saying publicly, NBC couldn't give two-shits about FNL right now, because they know even if it picks up some steam, it won't ever do for them what Heroes does, and what they hope Bionic Woman can do. If FNL suffers in this deal, I don't see them shedding any tears.

Personally, even though I've not seem and so am not at all familiar with Friday Night Lights, I'd rather see it given more effort by the network. It may never be a smash hit, but it doesn't have to go away. It seems like the kind of show that can be nurtured for a good long time, and when you've got fewer hits than arms, you need mainstays like that to keep you going.

For those not aware, Pushing Daises is a new series from Heroes EP/writer Bryan Fuller. He left Heroes so he could do this series, and is credited with having written some of the best scripts for the first season. This show is tracking as best of the new fall season, and you definitely need to give it a try.

Pushing Daises debuts on ABC on October 3rd at 8PM.


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