NBC Dumps Morgan from 'Bionic Woman'

by Paul William Tenny

bionic-woman.jpgFirst, let me openly wonder why I've never heard of or seen Michelle Ryan before. Wow. What a dame, eh? Anyway, news came down yesterday evening that NBC is dumping exec-producer Glen Morgan from Bionic Woman. I'm instantly on Morgan's side since I am/was a huge fan of Space: Above And Beyond, which he did with fellow X-Files cohort James Wong. That show was some damn excellent science fiction, and Fox murdered it just like it murdered Firefly.

This show was essentially what Ron Moore's Battlestar Galactica is today, only they did 12 years ago. That's actually ironic since BSG exec-producer David Eick is serving as the showrunner for Bionic Woman right now. But if The X-Files debuted on Fox today, it wouldn't even make it a half-season, and everybody knows it. Fox has become that pathetic, and NBC isn't that far behind the way they treated Studio 60. It's a miracle they even found success with Heroes, which just goes to show how good that show really is.

NBC issued a statement thanking Morgan for his contributions to establishing a template for "Bionic" and said it was looking forward to the show debuting later this month as scheduled.

There had been word around town that "Bionic" was also shutting down production, but an NBC rep said that isn't the case. However, industry insiders believe it's possible the show--which is now in production on its fifth episode -- still might take a break for a while in order to give the writers a chance to focus on refining the show's directions.
That should send up some warning flags, first there are rumors that one of NBC's biggest bets and probably their second most expensive endeavor behind Heroes was facing a production shutdown before it even airs, and now they've basically fired one of the exec-prods with a wink and a nod.

That is no way to start a series.


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