MTV Faked The Moon Landing

by Paul William Tenny

You've heard that conspiracy before, that the moon landings were faked by NASA (even with incontrovertible proof in the form of Moon rocks) and given that MTV's logo used to be an American flag on the moon and an astronaut's boot leaving a footprint (am I remembering that right, or tripping?) it seems only fitting that MTV has landed in a controversy of its own making in "faking" things.

According to Matt Mitovich (via the NY Post) MTV pre-recorded every performance for the VMA's other than the one in which Britney Spears participated in - the one that could have most benefited from an advanced copy. There isn't much more to this story so I'll leave it at saying MTV just went lame to LOLZ in about 1.5 seconds (or approximately the length of time it took Nikki Finke to fall asleep during the Emmys last night. I like Nikki but she really blew it by giving Fox a free pass for their politically-motivated censorship of Sally Field. That didn't bleep her, Nikki, they cut her mic and went to a static shot of the auditorium until she was finished. Huge difference.)


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