2007 Emmy Award Winners

by Paul William Tenny

I'll do more on this tomorrow, but here is what I've got for the more significant categories, and a few notes on the broadcast. First and foremost, Fox cut off Sally Field's microphone during her acceptance speech for Lead Actress in a drama (Brothers & Sisters), which is bad enough, but they also cut to a camera view of a giant globe and the audience, cutting her out of the frame completely. This was unprofessional, reprehensible censorship by a neo-con friendly network that thinks it's okay to censor differing viewpoints.

I hated that Fox got the gig in the first place but had no intention of letting politics sneak into my mind at any time, but News Corp. and Rupert Murdoch's Nazi-like censors made that quite impossible.

I am shocked and embarrassed that the Emmy's were hosted by a network so hostile to the creative arts and I doubt I will ever watch the Emmys so long as they are hosted on the Fox network in the future. Fox and News Corp. owe Sally Field, every artist working in television, and every person in the audience both in person and at home, a lengthy apology for disrespecting her accomplishments, the television industry, and the freedom of speech. For a network that wraps itself in patriotism and the American flag on a daily basis like it's some badge of honor that only they can wear, to rape the basic freedom to speak during an awards show for the creative arts is more than ironic, it's un-American.

Congratulations to Sally Field for her award, and f*** you Fox, you pathetic piece of s***. Once again, you've set a new low for the rest of network television and humanity in general.

Kanye West's bit with the guy from The Office was hysterical, and definitely the highlight of the show. The performance by The Jersey Boys was awkward and misplaced for a television awards show. The songs were as bad back then as they are today, the choreography was so light as to be pointless, and as bad and distracting as it was (stealing time from award winners who would actually like to thank more than just their dog and Fox), it was still a lot better than Britney Spears performance at the VMA's.

Speaking of Britney, the poor girl didn't put in an appearance, even though it would have gone from "they wouldn't dare" to completely apropos after the blatantly political censorship of Sally Field.

Having the entire Sopranos cast come on stage just to take a bow was a waste of time that could have been better used to not go over three hours (it did) or given to some of the bigger category winners for catch their breath and speak at the same time. I understand that the show was popular among a certain crowd, but compared to the audience of real network hits such as House, Lost, and even Heroes, to give The Sopranos such special treatment that it really doesn't deserve was shameful.

It wasn't any surprise that Sopranos won best drama, even though it wasn't. The cult of personality eliminated any chance that the three best dramas on television (Heroes, Lost, and House) might have had; it was a foregone kiss-off conclusion, and a disgraceful one at that.

Congratulations to them for the wins, but that last one would have gone to another show if Sopranos was going for another season. I guarantee you that.

Lewis Black's rant on the network executives was priceless and long past due. The butchering of credits is an insult to all the hard working stiffs that make these shows possible, and I'm not talking about the big guns. I'm talking about the construction workers that build the sets, and the poor jerks that spend all day holding boom mics and pushing camera dollys around. Those are the people that deserve to have their name on the screen in a readable manner, and shame on the networks for disrespecting them for their own selfish interests, and shame on the various unions for not doing anything about this.

Best Drama: The Sopranos
Best Comedy: 30 Rock

Pardon me while I WTF over 30 Rock winning best comedy over The Office, and whatever other comedies are on the air (I'm not a bit sitcom fan.) This show just barely made it to a second season and probably won't live to see a third, and isn't all that well liked by critics or viewers. How the hell did that happen? (Congrats to Tina Fey, and I'm not just saying that because you're hot.)

Lead Actor: James Spader (Drama); Rick Gervais (Comedy)

I did a lookup on Rick Gervais on IMDB and it looks to me like he's a writer, not an actor. Anyone know what the deal is, did I get this wrong?

Lead Actress: America Ferrera (Comedy); Sally Field (Drama)

Attention: any parents who name their child "America" need to be beaten with socks loaded with soap. Thank you.

Tony Bennett won like 47234 Emmys this year, which I don't understand. Isn't Tony Bennett a bad lounge singer? Why is this man winning television awards by the arm full?

Best mini-series
Broken Trial

Made for TV Movie
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Best Reality Series
The Amazing Race

Hahahaha, Fox didn't win for American Idol! hhahahaha

I'll put up the full list in the morning/afternoon. Peace.


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