Did Tarantino Turn Down 'Heroes' Directing Gig?

by Paul William Tenny

heroes2.jpgHard to say, even though stories have started popping up across the Internets claiming that not only did Tarantino turn down an offer to direct, he used some salty language in questioning just what the hell this "Heroes" thing even was. Cue the speculation as to whether or not he was just kidding, or seriously didn't know what the show was.

Obviously with Kevin Smith coming on board to direct and write (the latter of the two being far more important in television) an episode of Heroes: Origin, which he is working on *right now*, you'd expect Tim Kring and company to put out feelers to see if they could line up an all-star guest directing cast for Origin, given its limited run. Did it backfire already?
I'd be more interested in seeing Tarantino write an episode, than having him direct one. If he really doesn't know about the show, I don't think that's abnormal in any way shape or form. Heroes only pulled in 9-11 million viewers overall last year, and that's not exactly a run away hit. With the hype, the love, and the jealousy going around (all earned due to a fantastic product) you'd think Heroes was the number one drama on television, but it isn't even close. House is up in the 20+ million range and Lost is floating somewhere in between the two. Grey's Anatomy and CSI are both up there with House as well.

That raises an interesting question, though, because neither Grey's Anatomy nor Lost started off with better numbers than Heroes. Grey's took I think three seasons to reach 20 million, and while Lost hit 23-24 million with its second season premier, it didn't end its first season up there in such thin, rarefied air.

Will Heroes pull off a Lost, and debut with more viewers than it ended with? Will it really break out and hit 20 million during its second season?

I wouldn't bet against it, Quentin.


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