Kevin Smith to Write, Direct 'Heroes: Origins' Ep1

by Paul William Tenny

Crapping myself here, and bummed that I didn't pick up on this earlier. Apparently Comic Con is someplace I desperately need to go to next year, because this is quickly becoming a place where all the cool stuff is being announced for both television and film. Cool stuff like Kevin Smith (yes, that Smith) will write and direct the first episode of Heroes: Origins. This spin-off will air in between the second and third seasons of Heroes sometime next year. The limited-run series will introduce new heroes outside the main story, and one will be voted by viewers to join the original series as a regular cast member.

No mention of these happenings on Smith's blog, but I'll keep an eye out if he says anything.

This comes via a report from TV Squad, which has little valuable information beyond that, but since they were there to get the scoop and I wasn't, many thanks goes out to AOL for paying their bills and sending them out there.


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