Kevin Smith Talks About His Heroes Gig

by Paul William Tenny

As promised yesterday, here's a link to Kevin Smith's blog entry, talking about his announcement at Comic Con that he'll be writing and directing an episode of the Heroes spin-off, Heroes: Origins. In his typical down-to-earth style, he starts right off saying he doesn't want to be known as the guy that "ruined Heroes." I know the feeling.

Here's a video, which I just scammed from his blog. What a entrance man...just watch.

The greatest thing is seeing the cast respond to Smith walking onto the stage, and seeing how they were as excited about it as the fans and the rest of us are.

This was ComiCon's biggest year, with over 123,000 people in attendance over the weekend. Sadly, I never got down to the floor to shop or peep the huge Jabba or the Black Pearl, but backstage, I ran into/chatted with quite a few cats, including Neil Gaiman, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Liv Tyler, Robert Downey Jr., Rosario Dawson, Ray Wise, Missy Peregrym, Noel Clarke, the "Heroes" folks (albeit briefly) and Stormy Daniels.

I'm on a mission to hit up Comic Con next year. Can't miss it, not after stuff like this.


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