World War Z's chaotic production revealed

by Paul William Tenny

If anyone is still reading this, I strongly suggest that you read a lengthy Vanity Fair piece on the production chaos that plagued World War Z.

I personally found it amusing, the job role of the person who came in to "save the day" at the end. I won't say because I don't want to spoil.

That mess reminded me of similar problems suffered by the production of Gladiator, and what it took to get that film back on track. It's the characters and story. It always is.

Brad Pitt/World War Z
Brad Pitt/World War Z

Brad's War

In World War Z, Brad Pitt's first attempt to build himself an action franchise, he would try to save the world from zombie domination. But amid delays, on-set drama, and rumors that the budget had ballooned above $200 million and that Pitt had clashed with director Marc Forster, Hollywood began to wonder if Paramount's thriller was dead on arrival. As the blockbuster finally hits theaters, Laura M. Holson reports on the behind-the-scenes battles, the re-writes and reshoots, and the stakes involved

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