Neverland Hits All the Right Notes

by Kenyth Mogan

Against recent films like Mega Python vs. Gateroid, Syfy's epic mini-series Neverland is a shining star. Even in comparison to previous mini-series like Alice (2009) and Tin Man (2007) Neverland has set a new standard for the channel that compels it's views to 'imagine greater'.

Mixing Hollywood heavy weights like Keira Knightly as the voice of Tinker Bell and Bob Hoskins as Smee (a character he also portrayed in Hook) with promising new talent like Charlie Rowe as Peter and Q'orianka Kilcher as Aaya (Tiger Lilly) some of the most beloved characters in children's literature comes to life. The film also stars Rhys Ifans as Jimmy, and Anna Friel as Elizabeth Bonny, the woman who would push Jimmy to transform into the dreaded Captain Hook. Charles Dance portrais Dr. Fludd, the creator of Neverland and Raoul Trujillo as the Holy Man of the Neverland natives.

Cleaverly written and beautifully direct by Syfy veteran Nick Willing, who also wrote Alice and directed both that and it's predecessor Tin Man. Composed by the Irish born Ronan Hardiman, the music of the film is particularly charming. Filmed between Ireland and Italy the film was produced by Parallel Films and Sky Movies Productions. The mini-series aired Decemeber 4th and 5th on the Syfy channel and took in around 2.6 million viewers.


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