Joss Whedon officially kills fan attempt to revive Firefly

by Paul William Tenny


If you were hoping the fan-created Help Nathan Buy Firefly campaign would, well, help Nathan Fillion buy Firefly ... looks it's not going to happen. And what ended the attempt to resuscitate Joss Whedon's show was a tweet from someone who should know.

After Nathan Fillion tweeted that the first thing he'd do upon winning the California Lottery was buy the rights to Firefly and get the show on the air again-and two Firefly writers joined the bandwagon-fans launched Help Nathan Buy Firefly to get Fillion the big bucks the lottery likely never would.

But after a tweet from Maurissa Tancharoen-writer for Dollhouse, co-writer of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog and, oh, Joss Whedon's sister-in-law-the campaign was canceled.

More from blastr (Sci-Fi Wire).

As much as I loved Firefly and would love to have it back, let me go a bit further than most and say that this campaign never had a chance. Fillion himself wouldn't have been able to go back since he's contractually locked into Castle for as long as ABC wants him to be. Likewise, Joss Whedon has sworn off television for the time being (who could blame him?). Tim Minear (every bit as crucial to Firefly as Whedon was) was working on Terrieries and is still working on The Chicago Code. Summer Glau (River) was signed for NBC's The Cape and has two movies already in production this year.

On and on. Every writer, actor, and producer immediately went on to other jobs when Firefly got canceled. It may have been possible to bring most of them back if FOX had changed its mind within a month or two, but not years later.

The sets were torn down long ago. All the CGI models are probably lost and even if they weren't, they'd be sorely out of date by now. And FOX has no reason to believe that the show would do any better today in the ratings than it did when it originally aried.

These campaigns are nice to see, but they are without a doubt nothing but a massive waste of time. And Joss knows that.

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