BP turns to Hollywood for ideas to stop oil gusher

by Paul William Tenny

James CameronI'm not sure if this is something to be thankful for, or if this is really depressing news that's a sign of how truly screwed we all are. James Cameron who yes, is a very smart guy, sat down with other actual scientists and BP executives (and hopefully engineers) to brainstorm fixes for the weapon of mass destruction they set off under the ocean.

The story doesn't say what Cameron contributed to the discussion, but I'm hopeful he had a few good ideas. I don't remember where, or when, but there was a story within the past few years of Cameron doing something just like this with NASA about better, more imaginative ways of exploring and living on Mars.

One of those ideas was putting wheels on the capsul that astronauts would land on the surface with so that they wouldn't need a separate vehicle to move around. They could just land and go. That idea came from Cameron and NASA scientists seemed genuinely impressed and surprised -- they'd never have thought of that.

Again, I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be happy or really, really sad about that.

Link: "Titanic" Director Cameron Brainstorms on Oil Spill

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