CBS dumps Ghost Whisperer and six other shows

by Paul William Tenny

Ghost WhispererJames Hibberd is reporting that CBS has dumped seven shows this year: Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, Miami Medical, Accidentally on Purpose, New Adventures of Old Christine, and Gary Unmarried are all history:

The most surprising outcome here is canceling "Ghost Whisperer," which many insiders expected to return and consistently won its Friday night time period.

Another big surprise: "Old Christine," which has been a stable, if modest performer on the network's Wednesday night lineup. Also, ABC has consistently expressed interest in picking up the comedy should CBS drop it.

Also, "Cold Case." CBS was on the fence on this seven-year-old drama for months. On Sunday nights, "Case" ratings were admirably stable, if fairly modest.

Sounds like NBC isn't the only network dumping viable shows. Heroes was reportedly still profitable but was canceled over the weekend, in lieu of a possible TV movie. Of course there's nothing new about the big networks canceling profitable shows that aren't hits in the hope that they'll be replaced with hits, when most of the time they are replacing a moderate success with a loser that'll be gone in a year.

These execs need to do a better cost-benefit analysis or something, the way they make decisions seems more like gambling than anything.

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