6 entries from March 2010.

NBC is now rebooting failed reality shows

NBC is setting new standards for failure by rebooting the original version of The Apprentice.
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Katherine Heigl got fired from Grey's Anatomy

Word is leaking out that ABC has had enough with Katherine Heigl's unprofessional behavior, and that she has effectively been fired.

Mel Gibson is ready to go away. Maybe.

Mel Gibson is looking to get a project going with Leo DiCaprio...about Vikings.

24 may move from FOX to NBC

20th Century Fox is pitching 24 to NBC as it nears the end of its run on FOX (the broadcast network), which could be both good and bad for the 4th place network.
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Comcast and Cablevision lose appeal over channel sharing rules

Comcast and Cablevision have lost an appeal in a lawsuit against the FCC over rules forcing them to make channels they own available to their competitors.
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Leno is already struggling

Leno is back at the helm of The Tonight Show and he's already on the verge of losing to Letterman; Conan's rumored tour is set to begin in April.
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