Looky what I have

by Paul William Tenny

Once again SyFy has proven itself far more friendly to small sites than any other network that I've dealt with. I got this via FEDEX a couple of days ago:

Stargate Unvierse press DVD
(Click to embiggen)

Even though I'm watching these two episodes this weekend, and hence writing my review this weekend, it won't be published until March 29th. That's Monday of the week the episode airs, which should make for good timing.

Space is the first episode of the second half of the first season of SGU, not the first episode of the second season. That comes later, and it will come, since SGU has already been picked up for a second season. In fact I'm pretty sure that second season scripts are already being written.

Stay tuned.

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Paul - Well, aren't you special! Hope you enjoy the episodes.

And you've also enriched my word vocabulary - embiggen? LOL!

Looking forward to the NEW SGU episodes.

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