Stop whining about Lost getting bumped by the SOTU speech

by Paul William Tenny

<rant>I keep seeing stories online about Lost fans who are "worried" or even upset that the sixth season premier may be bumped by the Presidential State of the Union speech. I'm appalled. Anyone that is even marginally emotionally upset about this needs to immediately stop watching television. They need to go outside, take stock of the current precarious state of their country, and get engaged in some way, even if that just means paying attention when the President wants to tell you something important.

Don't care what your political affiliations are or if you even care about politics at all. This speech transcends that.
It's not rational to be emotionally upset that a TV show might be delayed by 1-2 hours, or even by just one night, so that the elected leader of the world's leading democracy (about that democracy, as Keith Olbermann said succinctly and truthfully -- it is a democracy, still, sometimes just barely [and your apathy is making it worse, friend]) wants to speak to the people he works for. Not just about health care, or other policies, but to report the state of the nation and his plans to address our problems. Not mine, not yours, but ours. It is unarguably the most important television event of the the year.

Of every year.

You may not care about it as such, but that's what it is. And I'm sorry to deflate your fantasy world but the State of the Union is far more important than any fictional TV show ever will be.

I was a critic of Lost early on, but the show grew on me and I've since become a fan and regular viewer. I too am looking forward to seeing how the final season plays out. But folks, we've got to have sensible priorities. What we see on Lost allow us to get lost -- pardon the pun -- in fantasy land for an hour every week, to escape the recession and the wars and terrorism and all of that for a little while. Obviously that's an important respite that we probably need and could use more of.

But not at the cost of becoming totally ignorant and indifferent to what's going on around us. TV is break from reality, not a permanent delusion. So please, grow up for five minutes and stop complaining. Adjust your DVRs accordingly and then relax. You'll get what you've been waiting and longing for, you'll just have to wait a little bit longer to get it. And after waiting so many months, will one more hour or one more night really matter?</rant>
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