Amanda Tapping talks Sanctuary with CliqueClack

by Paul William Tenny

sanctuary.jpgI wouldn't normally write a post like this because I like trying to create new content for people, rather than just highlighting other content, but in this case I'm going to make an exception for two reasons. First, I need to test some new software I wrote that involves Twitter. Second, I love Amanda Tapping, CliqueClack is a good site, and people like Sanctuary.

Here's a one-question sample from a recent interview involving all three:

Ruby T: Majorsal wants to know, besides the circumstances surrounding Ashley, what has been Helen's darkest hour?

Amanda Tapping: Besides the Ashley thing? Hmm. I think probably back in history, it would be discovering that John Druitt is Jack the Ripper and realizing that she had potentially created that (which we find out later may or may not be the case). At that time, it's the realization that she has created this monster when her job has always been to protect abnormals and to protect creatures and to protect humanity from them, and suddenly ... she's unleashed this monster. I think that would probably be her darkest hour and informed a great deal of how she deals with abnormals and with everything--with her science, with her medicine. I think it informed a huge amount of how she dealt with the rest of her life thus far. (Other than, of course, Ashley--Ashley's the big one always.)

The interview only concerns Sanctuary, and can be found in two parts here and here.
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