FBI captures movie pirates now, instead of terrorists

by Paul William Tenny

This isn't a very politically correct thing to say, but I have to wonder if maybe the FBI would have stopped the 9/11 attacks if had been more focused on that, rather than wasting time on garbage like this. I understand that we have federal copyright laws in the United States that allows the government to waste taxpayer money going after harmless infringers like this guy.

With the amount of Hollywood money being poured in Washington these days those companies could buy practically any law they want.
But then you've got to ask the obvious: if the FBI is spending valuable resources in short supply chasing a single harmless American who leaked a movie on the Internet -- which happens roughly two million times per year every single year -- what aren't they doing that would actually benefit the country, as opposed to a single wealthy corporation that has more than enough legal resources to do this themselves?

This guy isn't even accused of profiting from it, it's not like he tried to sell early copies of the movie here.

Forgive the aggressive suggestion, but if another terrorist attack slips past the FBI like the original World Trade Center bombings did, and the subsequent World Trade Center attacks of 2001, and the anthrax attacks, all because they are hunting harmless movie pirates instead of freaking terrorists, then aren't those media congloms (as well as members of Congress) at least partially responsible for that? Isn't the FBI already inept enough that it shouldn't be focusing on relatively minor crimes that don't threaten the safety of anyone?

And does anyone believe that 20th Century Fox couldn't afford to find out who leaked the movie on their own, or that linking the movie hurt the box office performance more than the movie sucking did?
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