Warner Brothers is threatening to sue India

by Paul William Tenny

iron-man.jpgPushing Daises, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money get burnoff dates. (Zap2it)

NCIS takes the top non-reality spot in last week's ratings (Reuters)

Principle photography begins on Iron Man 2 (AP)

Hugh Jackman is "heartbroken" that people got to see Wolverine for free. Has he not heard of broadcast television? (Yahoo!)
Variety ponders the fate of Roger "I pirated my boss's movie" Friedman (Variety)

Michael Shanks and Richard Dean Anderson are SGU bound (TV Squad)

Heroes isn't the only former hit having ratings problems (SyFy Portal)

CBS whores out CSI to pump new Star Trek flick (Scifi Wire)

Warner Brothers is threatening to sue anyone in India trying to remake Benjamin Button (Hollywood Reporter)
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