First up on post-election theater: censorship at the high court

by Paul William Tenny

U.S. Supreme CourtI apologize for my unannounced, extended absence. The election ended up taking up the majority of my time and interest for the last couple of weeks and I figured it was best to just drop this site until today. It seemed like a better idea to put all my energy and attention in one place rather than trying to spread it across two, giving neither interest or website the "excellence" I felt they both deserved.

By the time anyone ends up reading this post, I'll probably be in the middle or almost done with a feature story about the fight going on between Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC and the FCC in the Supreme Court over foul language and where the line in the sand is between appropriate regulation and censorship.

You'll want to read that because one way or another you're going to experience the result when you turn on the TV.

Beyond that, I haven't heard or seen anything about the on-going labor dispute between SAG and the studios so hopefully there's been some good news that was overshadowed by the election. Either way, I'll see what I can find and report for you.

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