Stargate Atlantis week

by Paul William Tenny

Thumbnail image for stargate-atlantis.jpgI hope everyone had a good weekend and that a lot of you are looking forward to the 5th season premier of Stargate Atlantis this coming Friday. I've got a week full of SGA stuff planned out and I figure this post would be a good place to keep track of it all (for you) as we progress throughout the week.

Click on through to see what I have planned and bookmark this post as it will be continually updated throughout the week as each piece of published.
As I sit here munching on a deliciously evil breakfast sausage biscuit (yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about too) I'm also looking over my calendar to make sure everything is in order. Here is what I've got planned so far.

That's today which means I'm running behind, but in any case Monday (later today) I'll go back and quickly rehash where Stargate Atlantis began, what they've done over the past four years, and where we ended up at the end of the fourth season. Has it lived up to its potential, and is there still room (and more importantly time) to surprise us?

Additionally sometime this evening I'll be watching the 5th season premier that the Scifi Channel kindly sent me. I'll write the first draft of my spoiler-free review which is scheduled to be posted later in the week.

Series exec-prod Joe Mallozzi and new series regular Robert Picardo did a press call on the 1st and I'll be doing a thorough (spoiler free) writeup based on the transcript. I'll also post the transcript itself later that day (probably not spoiler free) for anyone that wants to read the whole thing. The 4th season of Atlantis will also be coming out on DVD on Tuesday, yay!

After having written my first impression review and then having an extra day to gather my lingering thoughts, I'll edit the review and publish it.

A companion piece of the history story, here I will ruminate on the future of Stargate Atlantis and the entire Stargate franchise.

I'll probably watch the premier again and write another review, this one full of what would obviously be considered spoilers and so will only be published after the premier airs.

A list will be appended to the end of this post as each new story is published, so stay tuned.


I've recently had the good fortune born of many professional and helpful people to begin the process of receiving screeners for all Scifi and NBC shows that I can use for early reviews, and am in the process of looking for similar awesomeness from the other networks. These things may be easy to get and they may not be, regardless it adds a lot of value to this site in what it allows me to bring to all of you, and for that I am very grateful to the following people:

Thank you Joe M, Brianna J, Michelle R, and David G.


Update: Monday, July 7th
Because I tend to be an extremely verbose writer, things end up a lot longer than I'd like. For this reason, my review of the first four seasons of Stargate Atlantis has grown from a single post into four, beginning with this:

Stargate week: I shot the leg. (2008-07-07)
Stargate week: Picardo and Mallozzi on "Whispers" (2008-07-08)
Stargate week: Search & Rescue (2008-07-09)
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