Now I know Fringe is going to suck

by Paul William Tenny

Thumbnail image for fringe.jpgTake this from a guy who likes Lost more without J. J. Abrams than with him, but also as someone who wouldn't describe himself as an outright fan: Fringe is going to suck. Not because it's an obvious X-Files ripoff without the subtle storytelling that made that show so great -- although that will end up playing a large role in what I think will be a very Sarah Connor Chronicles-esque debut and fall -- but plainly because I don't think Lost under Abrams was a very good show, and much to everyone's surprise, Abrams told people at the TCA (the show that Comic Con is basically deprecating) that he's "going to be deeply involved in the show." (h/t AICN)

Other notable quotes from TCA (provided by AICN) on Fringe were that Fox's new drama is episodic rather than serial, meaning while the overall season may have a recurring theme that is advanced regularly, there won't be anything carrying over from one episode to the next. Don't think Lost, really do think X-Files.

I really wish Abrams would just pick a medium and stick to it. What happens in a couple of years when he gets bored with Fringe or signs on for another movie that takes up all of his time? Is that fair to promise creative support to fringe when he can't deliver?
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