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by Paul William Tenny

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I'm sorry about not getting much of any content up today, especially the Atlantis "futures" feature. Probably the last four or five hours went into adding a feature to the site that should have only taken half an hour to do.

That's how things go sometimes.

On the upside, under any recent post you'll now see a list of other posts about the same topic. If the post you're looking at is about Stargate Atlantis, chances are that list will have five recent posts about SGA. Posts that don't have a topic (rare, but like this one) won't have that section at all. Once I know that the feature isn't generating any errors or slowing things down, I'll roll it out across every post. I'll get the remaining Stargate content up tomorrow (Friday) and if need be, over the course of Saturday.

I also added a Digg button to the top of the "Things To Do" list, feel free to Digg anything that you like. I'd appreciate it if you would.
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