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by Paul William Tenny

Stargate Atlantis Fourth Season DVDIn fitting with the Stargate Atlantis week here on Media Pundit, it just so happens that Stargate: Atlantis The Complete 4th Season has been released on DVD today. I've got 21 new TV box sets and a healthy batch of 7 movies coming recently released, for your "viewing pleasure"...if you're into that kind of thing.


There's a good laugher, good creeper, and at least one sober reminder that we have two concurrent wars going on over seas and that there a lot of people dying over there every day. So yeah, probably not going to want to watch all three back-to-back.
Stop-Loss is a drama from Kimberly Pierce about a soldier that is forced to go back to serve in Iraq as part of the governments unconscionable, evil "stop loss" policy. Rather than go back into the meat grinder, he goes AWOL instead. This is probably a really good film that we all ought to watch.

The Ruins was a movie-from-a-book horror flick that looked uninspired, and yet I've heard good things about it. Probably a solid buy once it hits the bargain bin. And then there's Superhero Movie, the latest genre spoof. I love these, somebody buy it for me!


That's nice, there's some good stuff in there this week. Stargate Atlantis is a very enjoyable Scifi series and their fourth season equaled if not bested their first. That's an auto-buy as far as I'm concerned, and of course Monk is very popular with a lot of people. But what the heck is the X-Files doing there? Revelations?

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