Heroes webisodes are upon us

by Paul William Tenny

heroes.jpgI've seen chatter recently that NBC was going to produce some Heroes webisodes (also for The Office) and that they'd be coming soon, but I didn't realize they meant yesterday. The first one is online with more to come every Monday afternoon, according to TV Squad, although there will apparently only be five of them in total -- and they are disappointingly short.

Kristen kind of said it all, NBC is sticking a commercial in a webisode which is totally inappropriate and precisely the kind of profit-taking, thoughtless behavior that is driving people away from traditional television in the first place. We understand that these things cost money to create, even though they can't be breaking the bank with no-name actors and being not even four minutes long, and we know that NBC sees them as nothing but a way to make more money and they are perfectly entitled to do so.

But the least you could do, guys, is not be so freaking blatant and aggressive about it.

I've embedded the first webisode in this page along with the teaser for the webisodes, which you can see if you click on through. Additionally if you're looking to catch up on the second season, Hulu has the entire thing up as of July 15th, 2008.

Heroes: Going Postal (Trailer)

Chapter 1: A Nifty Trick
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