Goodbye Don

by Paul William Tenny

Don S. DavisI've had Stargate on my mind for much of the past week, ever since the Scifi Channel sent me a press kit for the fifth season of Atlantis. I've been throwing together some ideas of how I want to approach my early review, from touching on the good times and the few rough times from season four, where the series has gone since its inception, where the franchise is with the movies and what not. Exec-prod Joe Mallozzi (who got me that press-kit, thank you sir) reminded us that no show lasts forever.

It turns out the truly good people in this world don't either, and that's unbelievably sad.
SG-1 lasted longer than anyone expected and longer than many could have hoped that it would, and has resulted in a fantastic series and one very decent movie with another on the way. The spin-off has made a name for itself and lasted longer than the overwhelming majority of new shows ever do, but Mallozzi doesn't think that it'll last as long as SG-1 did, and to be fair very few successful shows ever do. And there might be SGA movies down the road, along side the potential third series, Stargate Univerise.

With the past in mind and new things coming later this month, the future of the Stargate franchise is very bright, but on Sunday some of that brightness was stolen from us with the passing of Don S. Davis.

It would be inappropriate for me to speak about a person that I never knew, no matter how nice I try to be, I could never capture who he was or the things he did or recount the peoples lives that he touched and what he meant to them. Only his friends and family could do that, and so I'll simply direct you to a post written by the aforementioned Joe Mallozzi, who recounts their first meeting and the last time that they spoke together.

Although I only ever knew of him, I will miss him. He was a commanding presence the screen and was a stand out performer in everything I've ever seen him in.

What a rotten year this is turning out to be.
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It's been a rough year in terms of losing so many talented individuals...but thankfully, we have their performances, and their interviews, available for us to watch and to listen to.

My condolences to Don's family, friends, co-workers, and many fans.


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