SAG seeks contract extension, gets owned by Judge

by Paul William Tenny

sag-aftra.jpgNot much happening on the SAG v. AFTRA/AMPTP front today. The actors guild was ordered by a judge to stop suing advertisers over disagreements involving pension funds and how how much must be paid into them, and by whom, for work not covered by the unions theatrical and TV contract. Seemed like a pretty lame thing to be doing if you ask me and the judge's order that disagreements must be collectively bargained seems plenty reasonable.

The battle of letter writing between the two SAG camps -- one that wants AFTRA to ratify its often-described "terrible" contract and one that wants them to vote it down -- has "heated up", if such a thing were even possible. I don't know about you but I'm not really feeling the heat from dueling letter campaigns between super rich actors over whether or not AFTRA should cave, DGA style. There are big names on both sides but as Nikke Finke aptly put it, as if anyone is going to base their vote on who has the biggest names or the most signatures -- nobody really cares.

Tom Hanks is on the surrender side, along with George "I went fi-core in the WGA" Clooney so that's not a surprise, but the anti-AFTRA side has Jack Nicholson so as far as I'm concerned, they win by default. THR did report that SAG is looking for a contract extension since there's no chance in hell they'll have a deal ready by Monday, just as a matter of course.

There are now five days until their AMPTP contract expires.
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