Ron Moore's new show finds its star

by Paul William Tenny

This is a good time for science fiction on TV, or as I like to call it, drama-in-space since most of it has nothing to do with science fiction. And by TV I mean Fox. But Ron Moore has been making a living doing scifi for a while now and his new show set up at Fox -- Virtuality -- is as much science fiction as any other show I can think of lately, and we all know Moore is a hell of a writer.

That show has been slowly building a cast this month and has finally found its lead in Nikolaj Coster-Walda, resurrected from the recently deceased New Amsterdam. Never saw the show, but the actor looked promising.

Virtuality, which desperately needs a new name, is based on a ship sent on a 10-year journey to another solar system. In order to keep the crew from going insane or being bored to death (what will save us though?), they spend most (all?) of their time in a virtual reality environment, which makes the space exploration angle entirely pointless since this show could be set anywhere -- in your mothers basement -- for all the good it'll do.

I don't think it has even begun shooting so we won't be seeing this one until 2009 at the earliest.
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