New TV shows and movies released on DVD

by Paul William Tenny

dvd-water.jpgIt's Tuesday again, which means more new stuff on DVD that you can't afford since gas costs more than your kidney would sell for on the black market. But hey, turn that frown upside down, I hear lungs and left nuts are worth at least one mega-box set of the entire X-Files series! If you don't have a left nut to spare and ruined your lungs by smoking for half your life, you're pretty well screwed.

I hear they're hiring ditch diggers down by the prison, though.

Those movies kind of sound like they all stink, but there's some decent choices in the TV bin: Weeds, Rescue me, and The Dead Zone are all great choices and have been well reviewed and liked series. That Andromeda Strain mini-series wasn't all that bad either to tell you the truth. It's a TV movie so you can't expect the stars and the moon here, but it worked for what it was and from what I understand, it wasn't one of Michael Crichton's better works to begin with.

"Recently Released" is part of a continuing series of posts featuring movies and TV series recently released on DVD, every Tuesday of the month.
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