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by Paul William Tenny

DVD liek watar.
Finally, I've got some good news on DVD releases to give you instead of a bunch of crusty old shows that went out of style before I even hit puberty. Seriously, there are at least four cool series on the list today, one of which died far too young and would easily make my own personal top 10 great series of all time. The movie list on the other hand is small and disappointing, but that kind of describes the state of feature filmdom these days doesn't it.
It's kind of surprising how many movies get made every year that you never heard about, either because they came from outside the studio system from an indy, or because the studio didn't have any faith in their own product and wouldn't spend good marketing money on them, or because so many of them just suck so bad. I've only heard of one movie on this list.


Reminds me of why I'm such a TV connoisseur.

Burn Notice sounds cool but I haven't been sold on it yet, maybe DVD is the place to pick up on that. I wonder if/when the studios are going to try making a straight-to-DVD TV show just like they do with some films. We know they can be profitable or else they wouldn't do straight-to-DVD anything in the first place. Maybe a show like Jericho could find a home that way?

Speaking of Jericho, it's nice to see the second "season" out on DVD, but if you're looking for really a really good drama then you probably want to go with the first season and just kind of leave it at that. I'm not saying the second season sucked because that's not the case at all, it had some great moments, but it didn't play out long enough and I think maybe it would have been better to finish out that series with a feature film instead.

And of course you've got E.R., which I haven't seen in a really long time and probably wouldn't recognize any characters if I picked up this latest season. Hell, Anthony Edwards was still alive and kicking the last time I saw it, so what does that tell you? Maybe it tells you that Californication has gotten good reviews and you should buy it right now. No, that's not me and you didn't just read that, it's a voice. In your head. It's says buy Californication now on DVD.

Movies You undoubtedly saw trailers for Fool's Gold, a comedy from earlier this year staring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson. Hey, guess what Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson have in common other than being in this movie together? They both like to run around without the shirts on.

True story.

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