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by Paul William Tenny

ice road truckers
You're doing it wrong.
It Definitely, Maybe, might be 10,000 B.C. on the Ice Road. Does it make sense? No. Is it a mashup of some of the new TV shows and movies recently released on DVD? Yes. Is it also keyword whoring so that I'll get even more page views from Google?

Duh, but if you're still bored and looking for some home-based entertainment instead of spending more for gas to get to the theater than the $10 tickets cost, then sally forth and buy some stuff!
Ice Road Truckers is one of those franchise shows modeled after the very successful Deadliest Catch, and there's quite a few of them and new ones coming out every couple of months it seems. Axe Men, some show that follows guys who drive tow trucks in a big city, people who work in major shipping ports, people on oil rigs I think is one coming up soon, and so on. Problem is the guys doing these shows are taking the "modeled after" moniker just a little too literally -- we don't really need to be reminded how many miles one logging crew is from another when they tend not to move for several episodes.

I tried really hard was proud of not giving in for the longest time, but eventually Ice Road Truckers sucked me, as did Axe Men. I can't help it, there's just something about them that engages you in a job you're not exposed to.

My single, humble request: stop calling rookies "greenhorns" on every show. Works in fishing, not so much in a forest on for a guy driving a truck.

10,000 B.C. was a recent Dean Devlin flick that didn't do very well but looked pretty intense. Lots of wild animals from the ancient world rampaging about and generally stepping on humans like they were bugs. Sweet!

It's Definitely, Maybe time to end this post.

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