Media Pundit hits the big 100k

by Paul William Tenny

It kind of happened without me even noticing, but this site reached a milestone back on May 2nd of this year, passing 100,000 views (100,041 to be exact by the end of the day.) We're currently sitting at a healthy 110,088 with another month to go before reaching the first year anniversary. This has easily been my most successful blog so far, although things have been disappointing this year as compared to last, I'm still very proud of the accomplishment and look forward to another year of growing and writing for the community.

For that first year, I'm projecting just a shade under 10,000 views per month, well above my initial expectations, but lower than the fall of 2007 where this site was actually growing at a rate of 7,000-10,000 views per month, but pretty respectable for a new blog in a saturated market that's more opinion than news. Many of the top blogs in television/film news are all news blogs that are obscenely popular (Ain't It Cool News) or part of blog networks that are owned by huge corporations (Cinematical and TV Squad are both owned by Time Warner) that can afford to advertise, run contests, hire marketing people and pay for multiple bloggers.

Here, it's just me and all of you.

Media Pundit has two more great milestones coming up. July 16th will be the one-year anniversary, and this post will be #698 making for an average of 2.1 posts per day for the entire year. It'll be somewhere in October or so, and we'll hit 1,000 posts. And although it's not as many as I'd like, I'm still extremely grateful for the (thus far) 226 comments and look forward to many more.

Thanks for sticking with me.
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    Congratulations, Paul, on your blog's milestone!

    Best wishes for the next 100,000!



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