McG blogs from set of Terminator flick

by Paul William Tenny

A scene from Terminator 2: Judgment Day
McG updated the Warner Brothers blog for Terminator: Salvation a couple of days ago from the set in New Mexico. There's precious little to go on based on what he's blogged so far, other than to say that Salvation takes place after Judgment Day but before the coming nuclear holocaust, assuming that's even going to make it into the new trilogy. You'd think that if they were going to stay true to Cameron's vision that they'd lead us up to, through, and eventually explore the aftermath of the devastation. [Update: Looks like T4 happens after the nuclear fireworks after all, cool.]

It'd be great if they'd take the time to explain why Judgment Day didn't in fact wrap up the future in humanities favor, rather than just fudging it like The Sarah Connor Chronicles has.

I like that a few people have taken the opportunity to talk to the fans while a film is actually in production, and hope the trend continues and grows with more directors, actors, writers and other people giving us a look at such a unique experience through their own eyes -- or at least their words, anyway. The first blog post from McG was back in May. Warner Brothers seems to have quite a few blogs these days, although I'm sure most of them go inactive once production wraps, or a film fades from the spotlight. What would be really great is if WB created a blog portal with recent updates mixed from all active blogs so that you don't have to hunt for them.

Terminator: Salvation is tentatively scheduled for release on May 22nd, 2009.
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