In which I dump a bunch of Stargate links on you

by Paul William Tenny

stargate-atlantis.jpgI've been hoarding some Stargate links for a while, mostly meaning to read them myself but with the intention of sharing them once the pile got big enough. Here it is, interviews, stories, and probably a fair amount of spoilers for the new fifth season of Atlantis and Stargate: Continuum.

There's also a few things from Battlestar Galactica thrown in for flavor, if that's your thing.
Gateworld gets all the great interviews and is the number one resource for all things Stargate on the Internet. I've been meaning to read these myself so I have a list of them just laying around, and now I'll share them with you, even if you already read them months ago. If so, then aren't you special. Amanda Tapping, Christopher Judge, Ben Browder, Robert C. Cooper (Part 2, 3), Cliff Simon (Ba'al), Kavan Smith (Major Lorne), Brad Wright, (Part 2), Rachel Luttrell, Alan McCullough, and Jason Momoa.

Friend of the blog Morjana has links to the following Stargate and Scifi interviews over the past couple of weeks as well: Brad Wright, N. John Smith, and James Robbins; Edward James Olmos, David Winning and Martin Wood, Mary McDonnell, Damian Kindler, Paul McGillion, and more if you visit her blog.

Continuum Expands SG-1, Atlantis Will Have New Sets, Atlantis Cast Changes Coming, Picardo Goes Dark In Sensored, Atlantis Focuses On Wraith, Atlantis' Picardo Is Reluctant Chief, Continuum Made Character Suffer, Luttrell Is Atlantis' Mom.

And of course as I was writing this post, Morjana chimes in with some new cast photos for the 5th season of Stargate Atlantis. SGA returns to the air on July.
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Thank you, Paul, for the wonderful collection of Stargate Atlantis/Battlestar Galactica links.

Looking forward to the season premiere of Stargate Atlantis fifth season on July 11 at 10pm on the SciFi Channel.

Best wishes, Morjana

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