It's business as usual for besieged New Line

by Paul William Tenny

new-line.jpgIt's real easy to blame a single person for the failure of a movie; the writer sucks, the director sucks, that actor sucks, this actress sucks, the exec that greenlit it wouldn't know a good picture from a YouTube video, etc. It's lazy and usually wrong since so many people contribute (badly) to a failed movie, but it's also usually fun to pick on people like Joeseph Drake because everyone instinctively envies that kind of job. Where else in the world can you be paid millions of dollars to fail nine out of ten times and be considered a hero?

So this guy was brought in to lead the newly neutered New Line and one of his first official decisions is to axe all his predecessors movies according to DHD -- one of which apparently was highly anticipated by horror genre fans and was already in the can when it was shifted straight to DVD -- clearing the release date for a flick he produced to go uncontested.

If corporate board members ever did their job, something like this would have Drake tossed out on his rear. Their own business is at stake and yet time after time they support unethical, brain damaged behavior that always ends up costing them and their shareholders and making us suffer through brainless ego flicks. Ben Silverman recently took over NBC-U's TV division (or something along those lines) and not only was he not required to divest his own conflicted interests in his own reality production company, NBC is actively supporting him bringing his own shows onto the network.

In other words business as usual.
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