George Carlin passed away

by Paul William Tenny

George Carlin
Iconic comedian George Carlin passed away on Sunday, apparently due to long-standing heart problems.

I guess when you have nearly seven billion people living on this planet, you end up with a lot people dying every day, I'm sure far more than we could ever comprehend. Stan Winston, Tim Russert, and George Carlin are among some of the more well known names that have gone within the past couple of weeks and you know what, I'm getting tired of writing that headline. I don't mean that in a bad way at all, it's genuinely painful to see people dying because it's sad to see them go, but also because it reminds you that you're probably next.

Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but that's probably what these three guys were saying too.

If you really want a rub, Carlin was just inducted into the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts' pantheon of humor like four days ago. Like Russert, Carlin had a history of heart problems, and like Stan Winston he wasn't exactly a spry young'in anymore.

What a shame.
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Two beloved American celebrities have succumbed to heart disease before their time. The national response has been disappointment in a medical system that could let this happen. What could have been done differently to save the lives of both Tim and George, to avoid this fatal outcome?

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Saving Tim Russert and George Carlin by Jeffrey Dach MD

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