E! interviews Heroes cast on third season

by Paul William Tenny

Such high hopes.
Since so many dramas from the last crop failed so miserably, I'd like to take this moment to proclaim that once again, Heroes is going to be the best new drama on television this fall.

At least heading in it will be.

I have no idea if there are any good new shows coming this fall, although people are pretty pumped up for Fringe. Seems kind of odd since J. J. Abrams isn't even going to be involved with the day-to-day runnings of the show -- I think that our Polar Bear/Smoke monster/Islander friend has no real intention of ever going back to television.

Heroes creator Tim Kring on the other hand still has all ten fingers in the pie and is looking get back some of the lightening in bottle he discovered two years ago.
Sometimes news rolls out in bunches and it can be handy to just sit on it for a few days until you've got a nice stash to gift to people all at once. I'll begin with NBC suit Jeff Zucker claiming that Heroes is a Top 5 show. I'd agree with that if the only metric was personal like and dislike, but as far as ratings go, Heroes may be tops for NBC but it fell off a good bit from its rookie season and doesn't make the Top 20 overall. As a commentor noted, Zucker may be referring to the demo, in which case Heroes is extremely competitive and shows its strength with younger audiences.

Still, I think Heroes has a lot of room to grow and can still be a Top 5 show if they can repeat that magic from the first season.

Next up is the rumor going around that Tim Kring is going to debut the third season premier at Comic Con in San Diego next month. I'd think it's far more likely that NBC is going to make that decision and that it'll probably happen -- Comic Con has grown into the largest television event in the country and even gets significant movie play these days. This is the place to be not just for fans, but for the media if they want a scoop on the latest and greatest stuff.

Kristen of E! Online held a "Heroes Week" featuring video interviews with Zackary Quinto (Sylar/Gabriel Gray), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Mohinder Suresh), Adrian Pasdar (Nathan Petrelli), Milo Ventimiglia (Peter Petrelli), and Jack Coleman (Noah Bennet). TrekMovie.com also has a clip with Qunito about "how he was bringing the lessons [from the Trek film] back to his TV series Heroes."

Heroes third season will debut on NBC on September 22nd. According to Wikipedia, the first hour of the broadcast will feature scenes from and serve as a catch-up to the first and second seasons, followed immediately by the two-hour premier of Volume 3: Villains.

Update: while reading news from the past 24 hours, I found even more Heroes stuff from Kristen of E! Online fame. Apparently Veronica Mars alumna Francis Capra has been cast for a three-episode arc in the upcoming third season. She also writes that "I'm hearing good things about the larger picture on Heroes this season: .. the Bennets and Petrellis are staying front and center, and they are totally up in each other's bidness."
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