Darabont's original Indy IV script leaked

by Paul William Tenny

Frank Darabont.
Frank Darabont's Indy IV script leaked out last night and I managed to dig up a copy before Paramount vaporized it from existence. I really don't know why they care if the public sees it or not since it's not like anybody can use it but them, but it came out anyways and Mike D'Alonzo of G4 read through it and made some subjective comparisons between where Frank began, and where the movie ended up.

In D'Alonzo's opinion, Darabont's script is everything the movie should have been, but wasn't.

If you haven't seen the movie yet then you probably want to hang back for now and not read that script review -- spoilers and all. I haven't seen it and I didn't really feel like it ruined the movie for me, but that's just me. Go in at your own risk.

I'll probably give the script a read this weekend and maybe post my thoughts, but without the movie to compare it to all I'd be able to say is whether *it* was good or not. I'd love to be able to just give it to you to read for yourself, and with a site this small I doubt Paramount would notice, but I don't need that kind of attention so don't ask.

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