At least my studio isn't on fire

by Paul William Tenny

Can you imagine what it'd be like waking up on Monday morning, knowing you're going to have to walk into the boardroom and tell your directors that your studio caught fire for the seventh time over the weekend? You'd think that after the third or fourth time that someone would, well you know, maybe get fired or something, but it is Tinseltown after all -- the industry that coined the term "failing upwards", though somehow I don't think up in smoke is really what they had in mind.

Also, am I the only person who thinks it's funny that a New York City set burned down in the middle of Hollywood? The irony alone is worth the price of admission to the theme park this week.

Speaking of New York City, although NBC-U is having a case of the Mondays, I guess Newline is having a pretty good week (even though they are supposedly folding) with the Sex and The City movie. Now call me crazy, but I didn't for a minute think this film was going to find a foothold. I've seen some of the show and it was pretty good, so this hasn't anything to do with quality. I just didn't see how such a small show from a pay-cable network would appeal to the public in general -- but it did. That's actually a pretty amazing accomplishment, and makes me wonder what other relatively tiny pay-cable shows might find some success making the jump to the silver screen.

Sopranos movie, anyone? Dexter? Sopranos vs. Dexter? I'm pitching that one tomorrow.
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