After today, no more BSG 'till 2009

by Paul William Tenny

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See 'ya in 2009.
The final new episode of Battlestar Galactica for 2008 will air tonight on Scifi, and half of me will be sad to see it go. The other half will roll its eyes at having to wait another year just to see the rest of this season, especially when the show has been going downhill pretty much ever since the first season was in the books. Some may disagree and I won't argue that there weren't some really cool things happening this season, but only "just a couple" of things isn't nearly enough for a show that did so much more early on.

It's certainly not enough to make up for breaking the fourth and final season into two parts and separating them by over a year.

It seems very clear to me that even though Battestar is a hallmark show for Scifi, they don't care about it anymore and don't want it on their schedule. You don't treat your number one (or at worst #2) property like this. Look at Lost, and how ABC is choking it slowly by reducing the episode count and putting huge, gaping holes in its schedule. They don't want it anymore than Scifi wants BSG. And I understand that Scifi has already set the spin-off in motion and I'm looking forward to seeing how that shakes out creatively, but you know what, I have no doubt that Scifi will find a way to ruin it just like they did with BSG.

They dumped Stargate SG-1 before its time and they just massacred BSG by taking the annoying mid-season hiatus to an entirely new and downright embarrassing level. Somebody needs to reverse the direction of script and series notes so that the execs get one that say "creativity stops at the scheduling door."

Update: Found an interview with BSG/Buffy/Firefly scribe Jane Espenson, three BSG cast interviews, and an interview with Katee Sackhoff.
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