What would you like to see here?

by Paul William Tenny

I started the Media Pundit back in July of last year for two reasons:

1. Focus matters
Back in the day while I was hosted on Blogspot (the blogging service Google bought from Pyra) I made some bad choices. First, the name of the blog ("Bitch What?") generally reflected an attitude rather than a theme. Once I decided to write about what I like and know the most about -- writing of different sorts with a focus on TV -- it was apparent that Bitch What? wasn't where I needed to be. I wanted some distance from that and a second try.

2. Room for growth
Being able to manage my own publishing platform (here I use Movabletype, the same software that powers BoingBoing, Zdnet's and Wired's blogs, and Typepad) meant a lot because while I had an idea, I didn't have long drawn out plan for what I wanted to do with my new site.

I've had some success and I believe I've brought some good things to the table, talking about comparing the video game industry to the film industry in terms of who is bigger, and thoughts about how the Internet will act as a place where new content can be created on the cheap and tested before moving to the big leagues on TV.

These things interest me, but may not interest everyone. What I'd like to do is ask anyone who regularly reads this blog, or anyone who just happens to come across this one post, to leave a comment below on what you'd like to see more of here. Or less of. It's free as in beer and you can comment anonymously without registering. If you'd rather email me, you can catch me here. While this site gets anywhere from 200 to as many as 800 unique visitors per day depending on how well some posts get attention with social voting sites (mostly Stumbleupon) very few people ever leave comments. I'd love nothing more than give my readers more of what they'd like to read about, be it more original commentary on uncovered issues (don't be shy about being specific) or TV and film news coverage, or even more diverse media coverage.

Please consider this an open invitation to reshape this blog into something you might find more useful and entertaining. Thanks!
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    Just a quick note - ZDNet.com uses WordPress for all their blogs, you can tell by the ?p=123 in their permalink URLs. (I also used to work for CNET.) Typepad doesn't use Movable Type as far as I know, they branched from each other years ago.
    Paul, you may be thinking of Ziff-Davis blogs (which are, quite confusingly, different than ZDNet). Those are powered by Movable Type.
    1. The Ziff-Davis/ZDNet thing is now going to drive me nuts for the rest of time. Damn you. Life was so much easier when I didn't know.

    You and me both. The first time I said "ZDNet" in a meeting with them, they all looked a bit like someone might when you mention their wife's name without knowing that she just recently left them and filed for divorce.

    2. It's obscenely cool that you posted that comment using OpenID. It makes me feel all funny in the pants. Plus, you're the first to use that for this blog, which means it actually works.

    Woohoo! Yeah, I love OpenID. I'm equally insanely excited to see when it's offered as an option. :-)

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